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Steve Clayton

Time is something we all wish we had more of. Whether it is more time to complete a deadline, or more time to spend with loved ones, it’s a truly elusive commodity. Over the past few years, Steve Clayton has conquered the time predicament many of us have. Steve Clayton went from DJing weddings in college, to becoming an industry-leading CEO of a major event production and talent booking company, Soundskilz. Steve now possesses the privilege of ample time and he wants to share his experience to help guide others down the path to success.

Steve Clayton began his career in entertainment as a DJ during his time in college at the University of California, Riverside. He loved bringing people together to have a good time and this became his passion. He took his love for DJing and created a small company that performed at weddings and corporate events. The more his small company grew, the more his passion for music and entertainment flourished and he knew this was the path he was supposed to be on. Little did he know that this path was about to take a detour. Steve learned he’d soon become a father, so he made the decision to put music and entertainment on hold and build a foundation for his family. He took a job teaching 7th grade and for the next few years he juggled teaching, fatherhood, pursuing a Master’s Degree, and building his company, Soundskilz. Steve was faced with inner turmoil, he knew if he stayed at the job that was comfortable and secure for his family, his dream of owning his own event production company would slip away from him and he might never get the chance to create a name for himself. Steve knew the perfect opportunity wasn’t just going to come to him, so he said goodbye to his steady paycheck and full benefits to fight for his dream.

In 2007, Steve’s leap of faith paid off. Soundskilz had its first big break with a contract from The University of California and the Rose Bowl. From there, Soundskilz only continued to grow and win bids for larger projects. Soundskilz went from a small operation DJing at weddings, to one of Southern California’s premier full-service event production companies specializing in producing large corporate events, concerts, festivals, and even booking major talent like Ice Cube and the Wu Tang Clan. Once Steve established his name in the entertainment industry and Soundskilz was thriving, he realized for the first time that he had access to time. Time to spend with his family, free time for himself, and time to create more of what he loves.

When he dove into entrepreneurship, he had no guarantee he’d make it, no one telling him how to succeed, and yet he was determined to follow his dream and do what he loved. As Steve had his first taste of success in 2007, he never imagined he would be where he is now. He never thought he would have an abundance of time to spend with his family or for himself. He always thought he’d be on the grind, up early and home late. Steve has been consulting with event professionals for years to help them get more out of their business. He also developed an entire curriculum and courses for UCR to bring relevant information to the next generation of event planners. Now he wants to bring his experience to those in the event and entertainment industries to help them build their business to its fullest potential in the hope that they too can obtain the privilege of time.

Pure devotion to his family and excitement about event producing are at the core of Steve Clayton’s mentoring and coaching. Steve doesn’t claim to have the perfect path to success, instead, he shares how he achieved success and the drawbacks that came with it, in order to help others avoid the pitfalls he encountered. He understands that hustling, networking, and sacrifice are all things business owners can struggle with, he’s been there. Steve was an ordinary person who challenged himself to make his passion a full-time gig and accomplished more than he ever thought was possible.